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“The New Key To Victory” says Circle Track Magazine August 2009

Welcome to Motion Based Simulators featuring the Motion Simulator and accessories. The Motion Simulator is the next big advance in racing simulation. The Simulator gives drivers an exciting and realistic experience with a full 40-degree range-of-motion and by precisely matching the motion of the simulator with the race vehicle action inside the simulation software. With The Simulator you are experiencing both the dynamic forces of acceleration, braking, and centrifugal forces. As well as physical position like elevation changes, a high banked oval, and the texture of the race track.

The purpose of a motion simulator is to create an environment that allows the driver to become immersed in the realistic experience. The Simulator design provides the strongest motion and visual cues because the seat, controls, and monitors move with the driver. The motions and sensations the driver is experiencing linked with the visuals that the driver is seeing has all the components of driving a real race car.

“Simulators have evolved from being ‘toys’ and ‘games’ to real training and learning tools that can replicate driving a racecar to an incredibly acute level.”

says VINTAGE RACECAR magazine May 2009

Simulation software compatible for use with the Motion Simulator:    |   ARCA Sim Racing   |   rFactor   |   Race 07/ GTR Evo/ GTR 2/ GT Legends   |   Live For Speed   |   Nascar Racing 2003 Season

*End user must purchase simulation software for licensing rights.
*All games and trademarks listed above are proprietary and the property of their respective companies.

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“This thing is unreal”

“I wish I had one of these when I started racing. I would’ve accelerated my learning in a huge way. The idea that I could practice every day would’ve made learning a much more positive experience. I mean, you still need to drive the car, but those opportunities usually only come in small bits of time on weekends-and, then you have to share the track with other drivers. So just getting down and driving and doing laps by yourself is a very rare occurrence.”

says Jeff Catlin in Circle Track Magazine Sept. 2009

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