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BlueTiger Motion Simulators can be ordered with all required components or you can supply your own components and accessories. Motion Based Simulators offers additional options and accessories.

Motion Simulator Details

Motion Platform

The BlueTiger Motion Simulator is very light weight and extremely strong for aggressive home and commercial use. Nevertheless, it has an impressive maximum weight payload for driver and accessories of 350 pounds. BlueTiger provides ±20° of independent pitch and ±20° of independent roll. However, the nature of the BlueTiger geometry also moves the driver through ±10" heave, ±8" surge, and ±8" sway associated with the pitch and roll movements. The base of the simulator houses the power supply, control electronics, and motors. The sled is the moving part of the system and is attached to the top of the base. A ballistic nylon bellows is between the base and the sled to protect moving parts from dust and debris. The base uses bolt-on outrigger legs for free standing stability, or it can be bolted directly to the floor (or a floor plate) using flanges. BlueTiger is all electric for quiet, clean operation. Power consumption is 200 watts unloaded and 700 watts under maximum load, which means BlueTiger can operate from a standard electrical wall socket. Voltage is preset at the factory for either 115VAC or 230VAC.



BlueTiger is designed to accommodate LCD monitors or televisions up to 42". The Monitor Mounting Frame & Bracket assembly is adjustable to fit the spacing for typical flat panel mounting.

The triple monitor assembly with speakers includes 3 22 monitors, speakers, mounting frame and triple screen adapter. This system only requires 1 computer video card and one video cable.


The BlueTiger Motion Simulator sled can be ordered with either a generic Controller Shelf or the BlueTiger Steering Console.

Controller Shelf

The generic shelf is intended for mounting a third-party steering wheel. The shelf is adjustable forward and backwards, up and down, and tilts 7.5 so controls can be set to the correct height, distance, and angle for the driver.


The BlueTiger Steering Wheel Console features an all-metal structural design. The Steering Wheel Console is adjustable forward and backward, up and down, and tilts 7.5. The Steering Wheel Console assembly replaces the generic Controller Shelf. The steering wheel assembly has 270 of rotation and features force feedback effects. The steering wheel is 11" in diameter and is covered with a resilient rubber coating. There is support for up to 16 digital programmed switches, which are available in various configurations. MBS offers other styles and sizes of racing steering wheels that can easily be fitted to the Blue Tiger steering console, as well as a steering wheel quick disconnect. See our upgrades and options page for all of the racing steering wheel options available.



BlueTiger offers floor mounted, fully adjustable 2 and 3 pedal assemblies. Accelerator and brake pedal assembly or a accelerator, brake, and clutch pedal assembly. Both pedal assemblies are highly configurable to individual preferences. Pedal assemblies are designed to duplicate the pedal forces found in real race vehicles. MBS offers optional upgraded floor mounted and hanging pedal assemblies that can be mounted on the Blue Tiger simulator. See our upgrades and options page for all of the pedals options available.


The Paddle Shifter includes shift-up shift-down pull paddles and 6 additional user-programmable pushbuttons in a billet aluminum enclosure that mounts behind the steering wheel.

The 6-Speed Stick Shift is a gated assembly with realistic feeling gear selection. The six stick positions are user-programmed to function as gears 1 to 6. The modular 6-Speed Stick Shift assembly is mounted on either side of the seat. 6 speed sequential shifter is also available.


Corbeau FX1 racing seats are strong and comfortable with the seat/back angle fixed at 20. They are made of composite fiberglass and are available in three sizes, FX1 Pro 36" waist, FX1 38" waist, and FX1 Wide 42" waist. They are available in black cloth fabric with leatherette high wear patches, and black, yellow, blue, or red seat cushion inserts. The FX1 Pro is also available in black microsuede with leather high wear patches and black cushion inserts. All the FX1 seats can be bottom or side mounted to molded-in threaded inserts. Custom side mounting brackets specifically for the FX1 seat and the BlueTiger sled are available and recommended.

The Turbo Pro was designed for road racing and off-road racing for a medium size adult. It has deep wrap-around lateral support in the shoulder and thigh area for high speed cornering. The Turbo Pro is made of seamless polyethylene with black molded-in color that won't fade, peel, or scratch off. It has excellent durability in commercial or arcade settings and is easily cleaned. The Turbo Pro seat attaches from the bottom to molded-in threaded inserts. A custom bottom mounting plate with angle adjustment specifically for the Turbo Pro seat and the BlueTiger sled is available and recommended.

MBS offers different styles of custom racing seats to enhance the Blue Tiger simulator. See our upgrades and options page for the custom racing seat options.


BlueTiger offers two types of RaceQuip seatbelts: a "latch-type release buckle" seat belt and dual shoulder harnesses with 3" webbing in black, red, or blue and a "pushbutton-type release buckle" seat belt and dual shoulder harnesses with 3" webbing in black, red, or blue. Both have the shoulder harness straps permanently connected to the lapbelt. Custom racing seats are also available, see our upgrades and options page for all of the racing seat options available.

Custom Built Racing Simulation Software Computer System

Motion Based Simulators builds a high performance racing simulation software computer that exceed simulation software requirements. We can pre install you’re racing simulation software so you are ready to race upon delivery of your Blue Tiger motion simulator. We provide you with a wireless keyboard with the mouse built into the keyboard that fits nicely on top of the Blue Tiger steering console. Our racing computer systems are back with a 1 year parts and labor warranty with the option to purchase an extended warranty. See our upgrades and options page for all the computer options available.

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