Portable Racing Simulator Rolls into Store Promotions across the U.S.A.

 Motorsports Image's latest creation is the "Sim Seat". The MSI Sim Seat is a race car seat with racing seat belts and guards. The racing seat sits on an action simulator base with three-way movement. The Motorsports Image Seat Sim will move you from left to right, up and down and even back and forth, just like being in a real racecar. When you have a wreck on the track, you will feel it under your seat. WOW, what a feeling. You even hear your spotter telling you where to go and how to control yourself on the track

The Motorsports Image Sim Seat includes a LCD Flat Screen Monitor, located just in front of the steering wheel. A control box, or "pit box" as Motorsports Image calls it, makes the seat move with the racing game. Also included is an exterior monitor for other fans to view as they are waiting for their turn on this exciting experience.

Coca Cola also purchased the first Seat Sim and is using it at grand openings and appearances for various major department stores and retailers. The Sim Seat is attached to a rolling cart for easy transportation. It is compact enough to fit into most regular full size vans and can easily roll through any size door. Coca Cola has had great response from this new Simulator product that Motorsports Image has created, wherever it goes.

The Sim Seat and the Sim Showcars can easily be custom designed to replicate sponsors logos and colors. They can be used at most any event including grand openings, store promotions, racing fan promotions, or other events.



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