New Racing Simulator Technology Puts You “In the Driver Seat” for Real!


“What a tool to allow those who love the sport of racing an opportunity to feel the power and exhilaration behind the wheel of a genuine race car. 

Not only do you strap into the drivers seat, you put the pedal to the medal and become a daring driver experiencing the thrill of the track. WOW!!!”

 That’s the words any race fan will say after experiencing the World’s only Racing Simulators that actually put you in the drivers seat and allows you to feel the action on the track


Motorsports Image, a racing industry manufacturing company, has recently invented and designed a new motion based simulator that adds movement to racing games inside the actual racecars.
What the company has done is invented a compact motion based simulator that can be mounted inside a racing showcar making the real drivers seat move to the action of the game.

The first unit the company built was purchased by Coca Cola and is currently being used successfully at retail store appearances across the U.S.A. The second Sim Showcar the company built has two seats inside the racecar that move to the game letting both drivers compete against each other while feeling the racing action in their individual seats.

Now here’s the real “kicker”. The Simulator Showcar (as called by Motorsports Image the Sim/Showcar) can be an actual running full size racecar/showcar.
The Sim Showcar cranks, runs, makes all the engine sounds every race fan loves. Then when the engine is turned off, and the racecar is parked, the racecar turns into a racing simulator experience for all to enjoy. Quite amazing!
The Coca Cola Sim Showcar even did a parade lap around Lowe’s Motor Speedway prior to the Coca Cola 600 race this past May. The Coke Sim Showcar then went on later to operate as a simulator at various locations around the Charlotte N.C. area.

A few quick changes are necessary for the racecar to transform into a simulator. First, a wide flat screen monitor is quickly mounted on the dash, then the carburetor and steering controls are changed over and lastly an off-board computer command console “Pit Box” is hooked up via a umbilical cable to the racecar in order to activate and enable the simulator.
An operator stands outside the car at the command console to control the racing action.
Then, after completion of an appearance, the cables are disconnected, the screen comes down, and then the racecar cranks up, makes all the sounds and drives away inside a hauler.

What the race fan will see and feel when inside the car is driving the racecar in a race with all the sounds and movement associated with really being there.

The motion base seat moves all around, shakes, rattles, and rolls with the racing action. Easy access is provided to the car by a modification that Motorsports Image makes to the driver’s door


Motorsports Image based in Mooresville N.C. (“Race City U.S.A.) has been manufacturing racing related products for almost a decade.
The company has been specializing in producing the finest showcars known in the Motorsports industry for the major companies in NASCAR racing. They also produce décor replica hoods, wall and ceiling hanging racecars, the famous cut-away racecars as seen on television, plus many other unique products.

Portable Racing Simulator Rolls into Store Promotions across the U.S.A.  

Motorsports Image’s latest creation is the “Sim Seat”. The MSI Sim Seat is a race car seat with racing seat belts and guards. The racing seat sits on an action simulator base with three-way movement. The Motorsports Image Seat Sim will move you from left to right, up and down and even back and forth, just like being in a real racecar. When you have a wreck on the track, you will feel it under your seat. WOW, what a feeling. You even hear your spotter telling you where to go and how to control yourself on the track

The Motorsports Image Sim Seat includes a LCD Flat Screen Monitor, located just in front of the steering wheel. A control box, or “pit box” as Motorsports Image calls it, makes the seat move with the racing game. Also included is an exterior monitor for other fans to view as they are waiting for their turn on this exciting experience.

Coca Cola also purchased the first Seat Sim and is using it at grand openings and appearances for various major department stores and retailers.
The Sim Seat is attached to a rolling cart for easy transportation. It is compact enough to fit into most regular full size vans and can easily roll through any size door. Coca Cola has had great response from this new Simulator product that Motorsports Image has created, wherever it goes.

The Sim Seat and the Sim Showcars can easily be custom designed to replicate sponsors logos and colors. They can be used at most any event including grand openings, store promotions, racing fan promotions, or other events.

The Simulator projects has been two years in development for Motorsports Image, with the results looking like being a major hit for the company!
Many other companies involved in NASCAR racing have major interest in the Motorsports Image Sim Showcars and Seat Sims with orders either placed or pending.
Delivery from start to finish is usually on a 30-day schedule with orders now being considered for first of the year delivery.
The company does have a few units still available for purchase for the 2004 production schedule.

The Motorsports Image Sim/Showcar was also featured at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Trade Show held November 17th-20th 2004 and 2005. A Sim Showcar was displayed at last years IAAPA Show and received an overwhelming amount of attention. Since that debut, a refinement process was developed bringing the company up to the first units purchased by Coca Cola.

Motorsports Image now has two Sim Showcars available for appearances and rentals. Those two units made their first appearance for the Motorola Corporation at a company event, held recently at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.
The Sim Showcars were linked so that people could race each other from one racecar to the other, another outstanding feature of this new invention. The racing action is also displayed on outside monitors for all to see.

Technically speaking, the Simulator Motion bases are all-electric and are virtually maintenance free. No hassles with fluids and large equipment as associated with hydraulic bases equipment.
The Motorsports Image Sim/Showcars and Seat Sims all run on a basic 110 Volt circuit and can simply plug in most any wall outlet. This low power consumption feature makes it easy for the operators to appear at most any event.

For more information about the Motorsports Image, contact the company’s main headquarters at 704-663-1023 or by visiting their web site at:

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These “first of it’s kind” and “one of it’s kind” in the world, technical advancement in racing simulation, will put you in the drivers seat with all the feel, thrills and chills of racing excitement!

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